Joep Beving:

18.8., 20:00, Slovak Radio

Joep Beving, piano

Hermetism, the latest album by the Dutch pianist and composer Joep Beving (April 2022, Deutsche Grammophon), is about the search for beauty and balance in life and human existence. In his quest for beauty Beving explores ancient philosophy and pays homage to the city of Paris, which for him is a metaphor of western civilisation. The album was conceived while the pandemic was in progress, at a time of fear and increasing polarisation in society, and it combines a melancholy mood with a hopeful vision of future times. “In all the madness of recent times, this album has been the thing I’ve kept coming back to. In that sense Hermetism has been my own medicine for the pandemic,” the composer explains. Joep Beving has been playing the piano since his early childhood. After the release of his debut album Solipsism in 2015, he became a sensation on streaming platforms and played many sold-out concerts all over the world. Under the Deutsche Grammophon label he issued two further solo albums Prehension (2017) and Henosis (2020), where he explores some of life’s big philosophical questions via music. At the invitation of the Viva Musica! festival he will be appearing for the first time in Slovakia in a solo concert on August 18, 2022, in Slovak Radio.

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