S. V. A. Trio:
Urban Fusions

23. 7., 17:00, Průger-Wallner Garden

Musical Gardens #4

S.V.A. Trio
Alexey Aslamas / violin
Vladan Malinjak / viola
Šimon Marek / cello

S.V.A. Trio is a unique grouping on the Czech and Slovak music scene, with an untraditional sound. Its work may be assigned to the genre of jazz fusion. The trio is made up of Alexey Aslamas (violin), Vladan Malinjak (viola) and Šimon Marek (cello). S.V.A. Trio’s members focus on a kind of creative art which they themselves describe as urban fusion. In this, besides their shared musical influences and outputs, they also reflect the specificity of life within the big city, making fusion of all that a person can hear in the city, or fusion of everything with anything. At Viva Musica! festival S.V.A. Trio presents music from the eponymous debut album Urban Fusions, released in 2021. “I hope you won’t be disappointed if I omit to define Urban Fusions. In the case of that album, any kind of label becomes meaningless. Only one thing is certain. The compositions of Alexej Aslamas and his two fellow-performers are present-day and contemporary. This is uncommonly topical music, rich in contrasting moods, rhythmic agitation, and lively melodic ideas. For its freshness, style, and the energy of the combined performance, I rank Urban Fusions by S.V.A. among the finest titles of the past year.” Such was the verdict of the Czech musical publicist Milan Bátor, in one of the Radio Vltava programmes on Czech Radio. Within the Czechoslovak music scene, and apart from its own projects, the trio also performs in partnership with numerous top-ranking artists in diverse music genres. Previously S.V.A. Trio appeared at the Viva Musica! festival in 2020, together with the Lash & Grey duo, in the Square at Eurovea.


Urban Fusions
Lucid Worlds 
Dead Trains 
Decrepit Man 
Go on! 
As it is 
Play again 


The concert is held within the Musical Gardens series. 
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We reserve the right to change the programme and performers.

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