Spectrum Quartett
& Nogaband

20. 7., 20:00, Eurovea Square

Spectrum Quartett
Ján Kružliak ml.
/ 1st violin
Miroslav Vilhan / 2nd violin
Peter Dvorský / viola
Branislav Bielik / cello

Michal Noga
/ violin, bandleader
Jakub Líška / violin
Jureš Líška / viola
Ján Tej / double bass

The joint project of the string quartet Spectrum Quartett, led by violinist Ján Kružliak Jr., and bandleader Michal Noga’s folk ensemble Nogaband, represents an uncommon combination of classical and folk music, based on a search for mutual inspiration and combination between two apparently unassociated musical worlds. These two music groupings represent the best that is currently offered by the young generation of Slovak musicians in the genres of classical and folk. Spectrum Quartett is an ensemble whose original sound combines the experience of the individual musicians not only in the field of classical music but also in the field of jazz, world music and improvisation. Nogaband’s folk musicians are also famed for their first-class performance of traditional music. At the joint concert we will be presented with top-level Slovak dramaturgy, represented by the works of composers who were open to inspiration by the Slovak folk song. We will therefore hear folk motifs in their authentic form, and also their crafting in more complex musical forms in the work of artists such as Eugen Suchoň and Béla Bartók. Admission to the concert is free.

We reserve the right to change the programme and performers.

Free entry