14.7., 20:00, Slovak Radio

Maki Namekawa, piano
Dennis Russell Davies, piano
Cori O’Lan, real-time visualisations

The Pianographique project grew from an initiative by Ars Electronica Festival in Linz in 2013. It comprises a series of concerts by the Japanese pianist Maki Namekawa (at Viva Musica! festival she performed alongside Philip Glass in 2015 with The Complete Piano Etudes), the American pianist and conductor Dennis Russell Davies, and the Austrian visual artist Cori O’Lan. Pianographique is about merging the art with new technologies, specifically about the visual fashioning of music which emerges in real-time, based on the interaction of music, performers and computer system. In this instance, the computer is an imaginary painter’s brush that the pianists have mastered, and thus the performance of a given composition can differ and diverge from its actual visual production with every performance. Maki Namekawa and Dennis Russell Davies have formed a piano duo since 2003. They perform regularly at prestigious venues in Europe, Japan and North America. They are among the closest partners of the American composer Philip Glass, and they regularly perform his works. At Viva Musica! festival their concert will include Glass’s Piano Sonata (Slovak premiere) and Four Movements for Two Pianos, complementing these with The Seasons by John Cage and Piano Phase by Steve Reich. The concert is held in cooperation with Ars Electronica Linz festival.

We reserve the right to amend the programme.